"The paintings you can see here are part of my Natural Abstract collection. They convince through
their colours and focus on abstraction and added floral themes as well as some sights. The artworks
originate from emotions, from dreams and hope: If you are able to find all the details that make the
greater picture complete – you can also turn the world into a better one!"

With the help of detailed pictures and stylistic contrasts as well as contrasts in terms of colours, I
want to invite the audience of my art to challenge their own perception. If you can spot and name
details, if you can view the harmony in contrasts and see unique and individual traits, you are in the
best position to influence your environment in a long-term, positive way and bring to life my vision of
a better treatment among each other and a more equal and sustainable world.

Nessaña lives close to Hamburg, where she was born in the 90s and also raised. The business
administration graduate is a self-made artist, who finds inspiration for her innovative artworks in
daily encounters as well as on journeys. For the Natural Abstract collection she prefers to work with
acrylic colours and -markers on canvas.