Nicola Heim


About the artist:

Nicola Heim is an interdisciplinary artist and writer based in upper Bavaria (Germany). She is using a variety of materials such as vintage paper, metal, wood, waste, magazines and clothes. “Nature and the seasons are very much influencing my work. To me nature is symbolizing the female power of giving life. But also, its vulnerability.” The female perspective is a key element in her work.
Nicola is often using used materials and is leaving the canvas outside in the sun, in the rain and snow, for some weeks, highlighting the aspect of change, decomposition and transformation. “I want nature to become part of my work.”   

Nicola Heim studied Interior Design and Economics in Germany, Italy and South Africa. She has worked for several international advertising agencies in Europe, Asia, Russia and the Middle East as a brand building and consumer research expert. “Travelling and the experience of cultural differences and commonalities have been a major part of my life and is influencing my poems and artworks.” Many of her paintings have a narrative character by using sentences of her poems or words written on an old typewriter.  

Nicola Heim was studying with Leiko Ikemura and Sati Zech is part of several artist groups.