Basma Nimri


About the artist:

A plastic artist. In art, I find the true meaning of my existence and the purpose of life.

I practice painting in oil colors, watercolor and charcoal; however, I also practice ceramics making my fair share of sculptures, most of which are of faces and bodily figures. At the same time, I am a writer. I have a series of four short stories, a collection of three very short stories and then a novel.

I focus on painting faces because humans sit on top of the universe, humans are the faces of the Earth and as I paint faces, I can see myself painting a whole universe. And when my faces exhaust me with all the pain that they have carried within us, I escape to my artistic atmosphere and create a vase, to realize when I finish my painting, that I am still in the presence, the gorgeous human presence; the vase is the body, the rose is the soul, and you will find me throughout my whole life panting and panting and panting behind the embodiment of the soul and the meaning through color.

It is worth noting that I have exhibited and participated in art exhibitions in countries outside of Jordan, my home country, such as the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Sharjah, Lebanon and many more.