Ophelia Buchelin


About the artist:


I’ve been born in a world full of labelling, explanations and descriptions. I’ve been born in a world, where you have to explain who you are, conform yourself; and I’ve never dealt with it well. It always felt like a burden, always felt limiting. From a young age I had a longing for freedom but also a deep need to express myself authentically. From trying to make sense of it through philosophical concepts, to leaving France at 18, I dedicated most of my young adult life to feel free. All these things didn't really help, words weren’t enough either, they still felt like a cage. In my quest I started painting and discovered a new world. A world with no boudaries.Timeless. Limitless. Whatever feeling arises, there is always a way to express it: colours, movements, deepth; everything is possible. Most of my works are abstract mixed media paintings. Mostly

intuitively created, experimental and free of rules. I usually don’t describe them much, as I feel like a description will take some of the rawness away as well as limiting them. I aim to take people out of their everyday train of thought. Surprising them and maybe even making them stop thinking, judging, labelling and giving them the time and space to feel again.

There is a sense of separation that dissolves while painting. There isn’t really an I anymore, there is only what is,here and now. This sense of wholeness is felt as well while experiencing a work of art.

In today's society we are taught that we are separated from nature. Which made us feel superior, which led to a disconnection with our home. We stopped working with her and started using and abusing her instead. Only when the separation will dissolve, only then, will we find respect and therefore solutions. That is why, experiencing contemplative art is such a necessity. When we collectively experience art, we unify. This can impact life in many positive ways but also help us fight climate change. When you let your judgements, expectations and ego aside, you automatically leave more space for respect and empathy.

As an artist, I truly believe that it is important to use our art to raise awareness and open up a dialogue.



Ophelia Buchelin is a French-born abstract artist. Raised by two painters, her world has always been made up of colours. At a young age, being dragged into museums, her passion for art was awoken. After completing her Literature Baccalaureate in 2014, she decided to leave France for good, to discover the world and herself.

Her adventure started in Barcelona where she was amazed by the street art. She then moved to London and fell in love with the Tate Modern, all the galleries and the art community. Her journey then took her to Australia. She first spent some time in Sydney, then ventured off on a road trip up the West Coast. After a few months living in the car and witnessing nature’s wonders, she settled in Perth where she started painting. Not having much money to invest, she worked in a small corner of her room, free pouring acrylic paint on any found surfaces (glass, chalkboard, paper etc.). She discovered within her an immense need to express. She found freedom in colours and an ease to create. Since then she never stopped painting. Her style and technique have evolved with her.

It is in Switzerland that the young artist dove deep into her practice and dedicated most of her time and money in her art. She rented a studio and invested in large canvases.

Her paintings are still very dynamic but her colours are now more developed and structured. She still paints intuitively but is more thoughtful.

Ophelia’s works are bold, dynamic and colourful. They don’t represent any material things but rather her internal world. She aims to awaken feelings in the viewers. Her paintings are made to make you stop, watch and feel. You can interpret them but you don’t have to. They are a break in an ever interpreting and judging world. They give you time to breathe, experience, detach from the mind and then come back to presence.

She uses mainly acrylic and spray paint, but enjoys experimenting with oil too.

Ophelia started studying at the Zurich Art School but rapidly decided to stand away from artistic moulding and find her own way in the art world. She is now represented locally and internationally.