Rainer Maria


About the artist:


Rainer Maria (born in 1982) is a professional artist based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In his artistic work, based on the academical background in philosophy and arts, he investigates the aesthetics of decay. As an art medium, he deals with rust, oxidation of iron and its resulting corrosion. Rust is a natural and chaotic phenomenon, which Rainer Maria creates artificially and steers the spontaneous oxidation process into the artistic direction. This way his geometric abstractions emerge in style of abstract expressionism. Rust is a material that is most widely used in arts in the field of sculpture. Rainer Maria applies it by painting and transferring into the two-dimensional relation.

Working on the rust paintings is a laborious process that takes much time. Individual parts of the compositions will be executed with different oxidizing agents, treated and reworked differently, some of them will be also dried in the sun. Each layer of oxidizing agent must be precisely applied and then “works on” for several days. Numerous corrections must be done, often with natural mediums such as water and salt. This results in different colours, textures and structures. The finished rust patterns continue to have a life of their own, the process of corrosion goes on.

The geometric shapes of Rainer Maria`s paintings are the result of numerous artistic research and inspiration from the environment, such as rust elements in the surroundings, objects of futuristic architecture and modern sculpture.

Only few artists had dealt with rust as a medium for painting before. With his work, Rainer Maria would like to give this natural and aesthetic material another chance to establish itself.