About the artist:

As a second-generation mixed media artist, from a young age I grew up in the world of art and was lucky enough to start exhibiting in groups shows from the age of nine and still continue to this day. While attending high school I did work experience, within the art and fashion departments, to then making a transition in year 11 to Perth Central Tafe to study Fashion & Textiles, Graduating on top at the age of nineteen, with an Advance Diploma and the beginnings of a fashion label. Eventually, the constriction of designing for the human form sent me back to my routes as I dedicated the next ten years to combining all I had learnt to find my signature style, elevating my craftsmanship and pushing my techniques to unknown territories and developing,

“Sadik Stitch est 2018” A unique technique which is symbolic to women's communal weaving and reflective of my training on Fashion & Textiles. By Manipulating and changing the fabrication of the canvas for stability, I cut it up and use a single hole punch to create 5mm holes, allowing numerous fibres to weave through and stitch it back together. When the cords are individually pulled to certain tensions it forces the canvas into an unnatural, 3-dimensional form, breaking it free from the frame (in the same way the corset is designed to re-configure the female form)

“Sadik Stitch is corsetry of the canvas ”

I have been involved in over 40 art awards and groups shows one solo received  a  handful of awards but It wasn’t until the international/national doors shut with C-19, and the art world opened up online that my career started to emerge, social media  was flooded with opportunities: doing fashion collaborations in Sydney and L.A, art & photography published in seven art magazines and being selected for online exhibitions worldwide. career highs of being shortlisted for the Brick Lane Gallery (London) -  UK & International Emerging Art Award, exhibiting & selling at the Palazzo Ducale, Genoa Italy, The Corner Store Gallery (NSW) and recently I will be participating in the Art Basel Week -Miami Florida.