About the artist:

I’m an abstract artist based in Terrebonne in Québec, Canada.
I have always been captivated by arts, creativity and imagination.
Actually, I derived my love for arts from my mother who taught me basics of painting, drawing, sewing and knitting, since childhood.
Despite my love for arts, I pursued my studies in finance and obtained a master’s degree in financial engineering and worked as a financial analyst.
Knowing that this is not what I am meant to be, I quit my job and decided to be fully dedicated to arts.
Art is a heeling therapy for me, a state of mind, freedom from the all the obstacles and a way to live...

I am practicing contemporary abstract art for more than 2 years now.
I am inspired by the beauty of the nature around me, the textures, the smells, the colours ... everything that awakens senses.

My journey with art is the visible expression of my feelings and thoughts. Being an introverted and a sensitive person makes it hard to express what I really feel, so I try to bring out my emotions and let them be a part of the process to connect with people. I found my interest in acrylic mixed media which made it easier for me to transmit my message to the viewer.

Website : (@sana_ben_art)