Selene´s Art


About the artist:

Selene is a contemporary artist based in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. Her passion and dedication for art began in 2013 when she started expressing her emotions through abstract art. Although primarily an autodidact, she has also improved her portrait and landscape skills by taking private classes with several well-established German & Dutch painters.

She is profoundly interested in the alchemical effect of different materials, creating captivating textural elements through the addition of layer after layer of acrylic paint, in the pursuit of light, depth and harmony. Selene’s work is fundamentally intuitive and illustrates a dynamic conflict between the order of symmetry and the creative nature of chaos. She sees her work as an expression of the forces churning in her unconscious mind and routinely records her dreams, which provide the inspiration for her art.

For more information about her and her artworks, have a look at her website: