Sharon Goodenough


About the artist:

A creative by nature, I take my inspiration from the constant changes around me, the weather, the seasons and especially the light. The elements impact me on an emotional level and are manifested through my work. I am inspired and captivated by the sea, the shifts in the clouds & the gravitational pull that the moon has on the tides, our energy and our emotions.

My creative process started at a young age through drawing, painting and then later, photography. While working as a photographers assistant I developed my visual skills and became accomplished in manipulating colour prints by hand. Fortunately I have been able to study a number of creative pathways while either maintaining a “proper job” or raising my son. During  the time I spent studying Fine Art, I was heavily influenced by the Impressionist movement. The simplicity in the way the artists painted what they saw, thought and felt resonated with me. Intrigued by the way they sought to capture the optical effects of light and to convey the fleeting nature of the present moment, I was hooked. These rich and varied experiences have led me to now, where I finally have the freedom to do what I love full-time - painting.

I paint intuitively and love the movement and fluidity oils give to my work, it can be a fairly slow medium, so I work on a few pieces at time, creating momentum. I apply layers from lean to fat and use various brush and palette knife techniques; depending upon the overall look I want achieve. There is often an influence from my photography background somewhere, especially as I like to play with depth of field. Ultimately, I want to capture a moment, suspend it and hold the viewers attention long enough to elicit a response.