Sonja Crone


About the artist

Sonja Crone *1982 in Speyer am Rhein lives near Basel. She is a poet and visual artist.

Her texts and paintings have been published in various anthologies, most recently in Versnetze_14 (Verlag Ralf Liebe, 2021) on online platforms and in magazines, including Der Dreischneuß, Haller, Der Maulkorb, Kalmenzone, Etcetera and Landstrich.

“In four paintings, Sonja Crone presents an examination of basic existential concepts that leads from the concrete ("Cloud Factory" and "Dust Factory"), which can be understood metaphorically, to the purely abstract ("Lightness" and "Simplicity"). The first thing that catches the eye is the unicity of the quartet in terms of technique (acrylic and chalk), colour and design. In terms of colour, "Cloud factroy" and "Lightness" - light tones dominate, and "Dust factory" and "Simplicity" - dark tones predominate. Red chalk lines seem to run through the four paintings as a red thread, tying them together. Large-scale, monochrome forms create moods and atmospheres that seem to change from picture to picture, lending the ensemble a certain dynamism. It remains open whether there are any signs of figurativeness in the pictures.

With the present works, the artist shows her flexibility and her ever new interest in developing her own expression. At the same time, her creative handwriting and her striving to focus on the central dimensions of existence can also be recognised in them.” (Dr. Luzius Müller; Basel)

Sonja Crone is a member of the public network NoA (Network of Arts).
She is currently attending further artistic training at the Assenza Painting School (Basel)