Susy Leysen


About the artist:

In 2015 I started my academic training in painting where I am currently completing my final year of specialisation. The daily images, shapes, textures, snapshots with the accompanying impressions and feelings, are my source of inspiration. What began as a small-scale hobby has gradually grown into a true passion that has become a substantial part of my life. All the works I have painted so far are abstract. How does an idea or an image determine the working method of my painting? How do I express an image with impressions and feelings? With all those separate pieces, each with their own story and their own impressions, I try to create a non-existent image. An image that I develop intuitively, methodically or in a combination of both and that must be in balance with what I have in mind. Working with oils allows me to create a transparent stratification that reflects what I experience instinctively. This stratification forms the core of each of my works and invites the viewer to find common ground with them on the basis of their feelings.