About the artist:

When I walk in the sun as I please, various natural phenomena catch my eye. I continue to photograph and record these phenomena. Forgotten objects on street corners and things that fade away with the passage of time. The parts of things that are in the shadows and not easily noticed by people, the flaws, stains, and blemishes, and their conditions. There are things that make us want to turn away from them. I photograph things that are seemingly destined to disappear.

The most important time for me is when I take these images home and process them. The approach to the images leads to a dialogue between the manifest and subconscious mind. There are moments when I connect with my subconscious mind as I observe the changes in the various images that suddenly appear before my eyes. It is a kind of meditation. Currently, I believe that the realization of the subconscious mind is important in the creative process. As I follow the changes of each image, I want to continue to be an observer who has time to talk with the subconscious and reawaken its deepest memories.

This exhibition is the first time for me to see fragments of my subconscious materialize. A phenomenon that was destined to disappear has once again been given the opportunity to be seen and materialized.