Tero Porthan


About the artist:

Tero Porthan artist statement

The purpose of my art is to explore the world view of the old Finnish poems. I aim to convey an impression of strange but still familiar concepts, and connect people with the old beliefs and myths through my artworks. 

Tero Porthan Bio

Tero Porthan, born in 1971, is a Finnish artist illustrating the magical world of Finnish mythology with its fantastical creatures and beings, inspired by ancient poems and songs. Mythology, folklore and fantasy worlds have always been close to his heart and he's been drawing and painting his whole life. 

Tero has worked in digital media as a graphic designer, 3D modeler, animator, illlustrator, and web designer. Illustrating Finnish mythology is a project he started with his wife, writer Tiina Porthan, several years ago, with the aim of making this magical tradition known worldwide. Tero's art has been shown in international exhibitions and published in several art books and magazines.

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