Torhild Frøydis Eid

Fluid art

About the artist:

My name is Torhild Frøydis Eid. I am born i 1961 in Kristiansand, currently living in Son in the south-eastern part of Norway. I used to work as a navy officer, yet the service was getting increasingly demanding, I chose to leave. My inner voice urged me to explore and process things. As a result, I turned to painting and mindfullness.

Artist Statement.
I have become a very passionate painter, and I love to experiment with colours, textures and techniques. I always aim at creating high-quality artworks and improving my skills, especially in acrylic abstract painting and in mixed media techniques. I find inspiration in my daily life and in my dreams. The animals, the sea, the sky, the Light and also the music are my sources of inspirations.
In my paintings I seek to transfer my inner sensations to the canvas. While the music is playing - I surrender and I let the brush intuitively play over the canvas - especially when it comes to abstact paintings. The result is often unexpected, even to myself!