Tove Tomte


I wish to tell stories true my art. I see my pictures as a part of a dialogue with other people , and hope to touch and move them true recognition. The curiosity and excitement as to how I may be able to fill an empty canvas, is my driving force. I trust the creative process to make the story of the picture along the road. 

About the artist

Tove still lives in Norway, where she was born 65 years ago. She's  a self-taught artist and have worked creatively with various materials (ceramics/painting/..etc) on and off for periods during her whole life. Around 5-6 years ago she fell in love with paintings again. She has been very passionate, bordering on obsessive, in making pictures using different techniques and materials. Most of the techniques are self-taught and are based on trying to discover and explore new possibilities in her artwork.

She mainly paints using acrylics on plywood. There are many phases in the making of the pictures. She creates textures and structures by using cardboard, paper, plastic and her own secret «witche's brew» . This brew that binds the different fragments will become very hard and is very durable. When the texture and structures are made she starts to paint , wash, paint etc… to achieve  a certain transparency/translucency in the color/paint that will enable the viewer to see/feel the structure in the pictures.

In this period she has experimented , both consciously and subconsciously, with the same objects and shapes in different ways in the picture. In many of her pictures she has used objects similar to human beings stripped from religious codes, sex, ethnicity etc. The personality in this «objects» is not important for her to show, but how the objects are related to each other.  Whether they stay together as a group or alone tells different stories.   

She likes to experiment with more abstract forms and shapes as well  and repeat them in the same artwork. This creates a different picture and perception than the object or the shape alone. 

For her this is some kind of reflection on life; it is not always the elements, but the way they are fitted together which is paramount, and sometimes we actually manage to create synergy. Synergy as an interaction or cooperation giving rise to a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.