Vaiva Tuckuviene


About the artist:

Vaiva Tuckuviene is an abstract impressionist and contemporary emerging artist, originating from Lithuania, now based in Los Angeles.

Strong positive energy flows with each brush stroke through her Art. She channels most of her inspiration through her inner voice, feelings and being enthralled in nature. Vaiva speaks through her pieces about nature preservation, the master beauty of life, and the soul within us all.

Vaiva has a background in Fashion design, Interior design, Modeling, and Directing & Producing Fashion shows. She is also the Fashion and Art Editor of Zensations Magazine (Worldwide).

Media - Vaiva has created her own unique style and combination of acrylic pouring and painting using practical subjects like sticks or cups to draw lines in expression to her feelings. Some pieces feature different fabric remnants or even her own jewelry items. Some of her paintings have a fascinating realistic 3D feeling,

Her very unique voice has begun to receive attention from different Galleries and Curators around the world.

Vaiva is thrilled to share her art spirit and soul in her first International Art Show in Luxembourg and at Monat Gallery in Madrid, Spain.