have been following my intuition, nature, and a couple of teachers that crossed my life that inspired me to paint and be creative since I was 14. 

It is my pleasure to embrace the creative life and spend my time bringing peace, joy, and color through my artworks that enrich the special places of my collectors.

About the artist:

Agostina Vilar is an Argentinian visual artist, intuitive abstract painter. Inspired by her roots from Cordoba, a city located right in the middle of Argentina, her artworks are full of colors and life.

She lived in her family town Despeñaderos until she was 18, when she decided to move to Cordoba City to begin her University Studies in Art. In 2017 she chose to stop her studies and move to Denmark to try to live in another culture and follow her other passion, traveling. She's currently based in Copenhague. This city helped building her career and allowed her to become a full-time artists.