We all come to a pivotal point in our lives and sometimes those points change the course and destiny of our lives. As a caregiver to an elderly parent there were moments of extreme sadness as watching a beautiful flower fade away. Through this heart break, my solace was in God. He challenged me to see things through his eyes, the way that he sees life. Exuberant, full of life, joy and vibrant color. Overnight my art journey was changed. My inspiration of color with the exploration of color. I was mesmerized by the brilliant beauty and intimacy of the mixtures of color, layers and textures that dance together. I found a world of emotion hidden in the secret place of exuberant color. Each painting reveals its own strength and passion.

Candace Chambers-Belida is the Editor-In-Chief of the Real "IRRESISTIBLY" Luxury Life Styles Magazine and the author of three books, “The Secret Codes of Conduct for Marriage,” “Dare To Stand,” and “Never Good Enough to Marry.” Currently she is working on her fourth book, “Don’t Stop Me Now!” that is due out in December 2024. As an International Speaker, she has also drawn national and international audiences. She has also appeared on numerous television and radio talk shows, such as NBC Daytime, OAN, KSEE, KCBS, KNBC, FOX, KOCE, KDOC and others.
Mesmerized by the beauty around us Candace decided to take that beauty to color and art. Her works are filled with true passion and exuberance. She wants her art to be vibrant and alive like. Art should evoke an emotion within you when you see it. In her thoughts and imagination, she feels that her work should be majestic, driven by a true source of divine power orchestrated by the hand of God. God's beauty is indescribable, beyond scope and measure. We all can only imagine his unlimited vastness. Candace feels "Exuberant Color Is the True Essence of Life! Uplifting The Soul."

She is also the recipient of the Effeto Arte Award for the Artistic Career, Art Diamond Award, Botticelli International Prize, and Ambassador of Art from the Effeto Arte Foundation.