In the winter 2021 / 2022 I’ve worked on a new art collection: “Landscapes of
the Soul”. This collection is mainly inspired on my experiences during an art
retreat at Orkney Islands, a nothern island of Scotland at the end of 2021.
The new collection became a journey through portraits and landscapes. The
immerse landscapes, roughness and beauty of the scenery made a deep impression.

The collection has a variety of big and smaller artwork on canvas, linen and
paper. I used mixed media technic and started with oil painting again to increase
the color intensity. Besides the paintings you will find some haikus. Living like an
artist and focus on my art and creations becomes more and more a way of life
to me. Giving expression to the diversity of feelings and experiences is my
deepest joy. Creating is a way of life, not only with paint and brushes but by using this creation fire to whatever you want to reach.

My name is Carien Borst (1983) born in The Netherlands. I live and work as an
artist. Making art is my passion! It has been always my "free zone" to create,
play, enjoy and discover. After a career as leader in the mental health care, for
14 years, I decided in 2020 to focus my time and heart completely on my art and

This choice have been the best thing in my life! It brought me to the most
wonderful places with my artworks, people who follow and buy my artwork and
a completely renewed vision on my life and the world around me. Inspiration is
everywhere and I am learning how traveling and connecting with inspiring
people and philosophers feed my art.

My studio is at home, in a small village in the South West of The Netherlands.
Together with my husband and two children we live in a 300 year old house
including the old workspace of the blacksmith. The old fireplace is still there. It
has become my place to forge the drawings and paintings.