My artistry is characterized by exploration and joy and I create intuitively and without any strict control. The inspiration comes from the world around me, both small everyday things that I encounter or my mind. I create according to the impulse of the moment and do what feels enjoyable. My works are characterized by investigative, a bit of an experiment. Preferably with colors that can both be seen and heard together. I may have a strong idea at the beginning, but along the way the feeling and energy may lead me to another goal. It is usually a source of new ideas. The thought and feeling for the day can lead me to both abstract and depict. I often have several paintings going on at the same time, it gives me a flow that favors the process. Paints mostly with acrylic and modeling paste, I created highly textured painting,  applying them generously with palette knife, brush or sponge that are suitable for the process.”

I’m a Swedish painter and I consider painting as the most enjoyable thing I have ever done because it helps me unwind and disappear into creativity. “Since I started painting about two years ago I’ve focused the most on acrylic painting because it’s to me the most rewarding and the best way to express myself and my experiences in life.” After 30 years of a being a professional nurse I started a full time business as a dog behaviourist. Afterwards I decided to take on a bigger and meaningful challenge, turning my inner emotions into beautiful art pieces. I wish to captivers viewers with my lively portrayals of Nordic landscape, flowers and
abstract art and give them a sense of joy.