Japan has long had a culture of beautiful colors, and since ancient times people have been reminded of this through nature and the changing of the seasons.
The most important influences on my work are these traditional Japanese colors and the words that describe this natural beauty. The shining green fields, seasonal flowers, branches of trees swaying in the soft wind, the tenderness of the moonlight, the clear blue water reflecting the sky.
I have expressed spring, summer, autumn and winter in Japan and the feelings I have from these seasons, using layers of lotus leaves and traditional Japanese colors.
While creating my art, I thought about the hearts of our predecessors who were surrounded by this richness of nature and I have overlaid my feelings for Japan's majestic four seasons.
I hope that this gentle warmth from Japan spreads out to all of those that see my art.

Chihiro was born in Yokohama and grew up in the seaside town of Enoshima. She is currently based in Tokyo. Her late grandfather was a traditional artist who made ‘kumi-himo’ braiding. The stunning threads Chihiro saw in his workshop expressing the four seasons were very attractive to her as a child, and these memories have had a great influence on her work.
She learned to use the lotus in her art from the "botanypainting" association of Japan, then held workshops as a certified teacher.
A mixture of paints including acrylic paints and watercolors are applied to the lotus leaves. Traditional paints from a painting factory in Kyoto that has been in existence for 260 years are also used.