My work is a reflection of my thoughts and feelings. I get inspired from life circumstances and express myself through colors and shapes or subjects that I love to share with others. Most of my work is oil on canvas, , because it’s richly pigmented and has a smooth texture once blended. The colors are vibrant and intense, which is more satisfying to the eye.

Oil requires patience and delicacy, both of which fit my character best.

I would like for my art to evoke positivity and hope. I wish for the viewer to escape through my art, to connect with their soul, be curious, and be reminded to never lose hope.

Christine El Ojeil is a Lebanese International multi - award - winning artist living in Dubai. She learned drawing basics at Art Academy in Beirut, Lebanon, and fully immersed herself in the art of color and composition. She continues to perfect her art by widening her knowledge through different painting workshops and techniques.

Christine’s artwork is a reflection of her thoughts and feelings. She gets inspired from life circumstances and expresses herself through colors and shapes. Most of her artwork is oil on canvas. Her collections were exhibited internationally with Solo show in Beirut – Lebanon, at Art Fairs and Galleries in Dubai -UAE, Doha-Qatar, Venice - Italy, Milan - Italy, Rome - Italy, Tokyo – Japan, Central State Museum Almaty – Kazakhstan, Florence – Italy, Barcelona – Spain and were showcased on the big screens of Times Square NYC – USA.

Her artworks were featured in Magzoid Magazine, Artventurous Magazine and recently in Contemporary Art Curator Magazine with an exclusive interview.

“Every time I use my brushes, a new story is told, translating my feelings, my emotions, and my
With every new painting rises a new challenge: my own story to tell.
Every painting is a reflection of my deepest emotions, it carries with it a piece of me.”

Christine El Ojeil