I am inspired by the women I meet and the stories I hear as a makeup artist. In addition, the elements through which women express themselves are important to me: clothing, jewelry, headwear. The patterns in the background of my works and on the sides of my paintings are the brackets that tie up the story of the individual personalities.

Claudia Kaka (b.1979) is a Poznan-based artist and painter. Her work focuses on capturing and portraying the uniqueness of femininity of women from different corners of the world. Her fascination with the colours, patterns and jewelry of different ethnic groups is evident in all her works. It stems from and is closely linked to influences from African, Mediterranean and Latin American cultures. The colour fusion in the paintings contrasts with the figures in black and white. This depiction of figures is reminiscent of black and white photography. It represents another field of artistic activity, where the author takes on the role of make-up artist. The works are also distinguished by the unique, eye- catching finish of the sides of the picture canvas. Claudia Kaka's works have so far been exhibited in Poland and Turkey. Her works have found their way into many private collections.