Love is a Place

For over a decade I have been living and working between the United States and Spain. These abstract landscape works are inspired by poetry and the Spanish countryside. Earth. Sky. Sun. Mountains.

I typically use two or three colors at most in these works. Working to capture shadow and light, I paint in thin washes. Multiple layers are reduced, wiped away, and then painted over, layer by layer, again and again. With thin washes of paint, the linen texture – the weave and “imperfections” in the material – eventually seeps through, becoming an integral part of the final work. This gives the work body, physical presence, and object quality. 

The different degrees of density result in varying nuances of light within the painting – areas which reveal a certain depth. Hints of land, clouds, and other forms seem to appear – nuances which arise from the painting process – perhaps to be viewed as articulating remnants of vague memories. The final results evoke ethereal, dreamy emotional landscapes – each work a small meditation, a visual poem.

Cynthia Grow is a visual artist whose work explores the interstices between art and language. Influenced by her studies in literature, she works alternately between abstract paintings and text-based works on paper. She harnesses the same sources of inspiration for both – language and memory – and achieves an overall aesthetic signature marked by strong senses of mood, poetry, and atmosphere.

Cynthia studied painting at Accademia d’Arte in Florence, Italy and has completed projects at residencies throughout Italy and Spain, as well as seminars at New York Studio School, National Academy School of Fine Art, and Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. In addition to studio training, she completed a program in Modern and Contemporary Art, Connoisseurship & the Art Market at Christie's Education New York and holds a Master's degree with a concentration in Modern Arts & Literature.

Cynthia has exhibited works in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami as well as galleries and cultural centers in Europe including Florence, Venice, Rome, Madrid, and Barcelona. Her work has been featured in prizes, publications, and exhibitions across both continents. For nearly two decades, she has lived and worked between the U.S., Italy, and Spain. She is now based in her native Florida, working between there and extended periods in Barcelona.