Stillness... An unknown figure is standing, is waiting in an ominous silence for something to appear, to happen, is waiting for an end or for a start. This is the scene that my paintings evoke, or at least what I am trying to mold. My work speaks about the despair, the fear, the anxiousness of one’s mind… of my mind. Combing through my childhood memories I discovered that the fear of the dark was never gone, and I believe that this dread is inside of each one of us. This pure blackness is so simple, so dense, and fragile at the same time; it is a paradox, the exact paradox that evolves around us the day we started our journey, our wonderland journey. Hence, it means that in all this blackness, there is joy and merriment, there is hope, because the wonderland is more than just a scary and  unknown place, This is something that people forgot about this journey, they forgot that all you must do is looking for a light, as a child is screaming for his parents into the darkness, searching for a soothing place, we just have to scream for our light…In my case, I found my soothing place, my light, my screaming help has stopped because I turned the blackness into a fairyland, into art.  

I am a 23-year-old, art student from Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania, from UAD (University of Arts and Design, Cluj-Napoca). I have a BA degree in painting and currently I am studying for my MA degree in the very same field. In consequence, I proclaimed myself as being a young artist, who certainly has a lot more to experience and a lot more knowledge to provide for my artistic career, yet I am one who has a lot to shout out into the world. 

At the very end, I want to say that my artistic journey is still at the very beginning, but I am dedicated to find my true self throughout art, I fancy the idea of sharing and showing my dirty laundries, my ups and downs with the public and this is exactly what I am pursue doing.