"Sharing my quest for a coherent perception of the modern world, with many questions, and very rarely finite answers."

Pen and ink drawing was always of primary importance for me, because of the straight ahead, unambiguous honesty of the black lines, the very limited and demanding choice of techniques and precision involved. It is this clarity and "finality" of the stroke, which fascinates, but also calls
and requires from us.

Furthermore, a penchant for contextual and formal contrasts is  characteristic of my work, not only black versus white, the tactile versus the two dimensional (especially in my acrylic panting), but also, a richness of detail versus the Unnamed, precise positioning versus ambiguity, asceticism versus sensuality, Faith versus consumerism atheism. Art is for me a perpetual dialogue between our Self and the surrounding Reality (which nowadays takes many sometimes confusing or frightening shapes). Finally, my creative output refuses to submit stylistically to any narrowly bound art category or current.

Stylistically my work ranges from hyper realistic to nonfigurative abstract, depending on the mood I am in. In this sense, there are always many directions in which my ideas and experiments go ... In my drawings, I have been influenced by the virtuoso work of artists like Albrecht Dürer, Goya and others, in my acrylic work, I was very much in love with the work and color palette of Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, I spent my childhood from 6 to 13 years in Havana, Cuba, where my father was working as a musician in the Havana Philharmonic Orchestra. I started drawing and painting from
about the age of six. Later upon returning to Bulgaria in 1976 I decided to study and make a career as an Artist and graphic designer. I nowadays live with my wife on the outskirts of Hamburg, Germany.