Ekaterina de la Torre (née Prokosheva) is known for her theme of removing the boundaries traditionally separating art from other disciplines. Ekaterina represents the hidden, unconscious world of our own experiences, discarding notions of past and future, individually, so they can coexist, simultaneously. Her works represents the problems that distorted perceptions can have on people's lives. These works also represent the influence that the celestial planets have on each person and their path in life, and our attempts to free ourselves from influence and illusions.

To create a juxtaposition between whimsical imagination and a more-serious sense of the archaic, Ekaterina uses fantastically-expanding spheres, bone- and branch-like structures, and surfaces that range from rough and natural to shiny and metallic.

Originally trained as a ballerina at the Choreographic College, Ekaterina started her artistic career with body expression. For the next 20 years she explored numerous artistic mediums to compliment her lifelong love of ballet - drawing, painting, sculpting, and beyond.

In 2021, Ekaterina focused her artistic pursuits on sculpting organic forms with clay and bronze. Her work is in contemporary art collections around the world.
Between 2018-2020, Ekaterina conducted academic research around the Illuminated Books of the Old Testament. Between 2011-2020, Ekaterina was the curator of a prominent gallery, representing Russian heritage art from the 1920s to the 1990s.