Emily's art focuses on the fleeting but arresting power of faces as they manifest themselves in our natural surroundings. In a strange way, we attempt to posit some
form of ourselves onto the world around us, and nature in this sense takes on a quality, an
almost anthropomorphic imprint of the self in the interaction. Her work therefore depicts
dreamlike imagery within an attentive, yet drifting array of faces that embody the many
conflicting emotions we see, feel, and remember throughout our waking lives as we attempt to make sense of it and ourselves in the process.

Emily Nina Kitchener is a mixed-media artist based in Aarhus, Denmark with roots
in both Denmark and England. Much of her inspiration comes from subjective imagery found in nature and the connection of personal identity to it as a social mechanism. Through a three-dimensional, surrealistic lens, Emily utilizes a mixture of watercolor, photography, collage, and other methods to create her works. An autodidact, Emily officially began her art career in 2020 and her unique style and perspective has since seen success in shows and sales across Europe, Asia, and North America. Her art has been published or exhibited in England, Ireland, Denmark and Croatia.