My name is Gergana Stoyanova and I was born in 1985 in the town of Sandanski, located in southwestern Bulgaria. In 2013 I graduated at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia - majoring in Mural Painting - Master's degree. I have participated in a number of national and international exhibitions. I work in the field of painting and monumental art - mosaics and murals. I use different materials to make my mosaics - smalti, ceramics, marble, terracotta, combining them in different size and plot compositions. The mosaic panels are in different styles- geometric abstractions, natural motifs, portraits, icons and mosaic panels for temples.

 My passion for mosaic began in my student years. When I create mosaics, I embark on a journey of the soul. Each material brings its own energy and beauty and I combining them together in mixed compositions or separately depending on the genre.

In my work I am inspired by nature, I recreate the majestic moments of movement and dynamics. The plot of my paintings are light, water, the brilliance of the rays, the greenery. My goal is to transform reality with my imagination and bring out the essence and emotion with a more modern vision. I express it through a play with contrast and color in different tones and texture obtained from thick oil paint. With this texture layer I create a palette on which after that I shape my creative idea with a spatula. The paint masks are rhythmic and free. "Light and Mind