"My journey as an artist finds its deep origin in my unwavering enchantment with portraiture. A versatile spectrum unfurls from my canvas, stretching from the abstraction of form to the meticulous craftsmanship of masterful portraiture. My artistic inclinations take me through impressionistic vistas, inviting me to the realms of Surrealism and Cubism. Every piece I conjure becomes a tapestry for the kaleidoscope of my creative expressions. Be it the essential soul of cherished pets or the labyrinthine emotions coursing through human subjects, my approach ventures beyond the confines of mere replication. Drawing upon the stroke of the French Impressionists, particularly evoking the spirit of Claude Monet, I infuse life into each pet portrait. These canvases carry the essence of each creature, distilling their very essence onto the waiting surface. Guided by the techniques of venerable masters, I delve deep into the strata of human existence within my 'Transparent Diversity' collection. Here, I weave the essence of Surrealism and Cubism into a seamless fusion. Transparent layers akin to the Surrealists' dreamscape become the vessel through which I cast light upon the myriad visages of humanity. Each face reflects the intricate weave of passions, longings, and experiences that form their unique tapestry. This play of light creates an ethereal dance, beckoning viewers into the recesses of the subconscious. Just as Cubism birthed new perceptions by fracturing reality, my work offers a fresh realm of portraiture. It unveils multifaceted viewpoints within a single frame. In the heart of this artistic endeavor, the eyes stand unwavering—a portal to the soul, drawing beholders into the chasm of human experience, where layers of feeling and cognition intertwine.
Surrealism, Romanticism, and Cubism intertwine as vital threads in my artistic narrative. The surrealists' venture into the labyrinth of the mind, the romantics' quest for the profundity of sentiment, and the cubists' reimagining of the world’s essence—all weave through the fabric of my creations. This amalgamation unfurls within my 'Parallel Realities' collection, where urban portraits take on a life of their own. Amidst these cityscapes, the echoes of these artistic movements create a symphony of visuals, encapsulating not just the physicality of the structures but also the emotional tides that surge through them.
In my work, I unearth the profound symphony of beauty and complexity, ensconced within both living beings and lifeless artifacts. Through brushstrokes and colors, I conjure a visual opus, a melody that resonates with each viewer's unique perspective and emotions."

Born in a quiet town in the southern reaches of Kyrgyzstan, the trajectory of my life took me on a journey I never anticipated. Mathematics and geometry held my fascination in those early years, weaving a tapestry of interests that has come full circle as I now find myself drawn once again to the allure of geometrical architectural paintings. My path, however, was far from a straight line. Armed with not one, but two university degrees - one in accounting and another in law - I embarked on a 20-year journey as the helm of a thriving alcohol distribution company. The relentless demands of the business world eventually led me to a pivotal moment of introspection. At the age of 45, I resolved to pivot from the corporate landscape and immerse myself in the realm of artistry. But it was a period of immense stress that catalyzed this transformation. A sojourn in a stress rehabilitation clinic saw me embracing an unexpected catalyst for change - a five-day journey of fasting. Amidst this period of self-imposed food abstinence, a whimsical thought surfaced: a fleeting desire to consume my own fingers, a testament to the emotional strain I endured. Sensing the need for a healthier channel for my emotions, the doctors recommended that I redirect my energies towards more constructive outlets. Thus, my venture into the art studio marked the inception of my artistic pursuits. My inaugural creation was a watercolor rendering of a mushroom, a modest inception of my artistic odyssey. At the age of 53, I stand at the crossroads of experience and artistic exploration. I've honed my craft through various online courses that have enriched my creative palette. My journey has been a kaleidoscope of learning, delving into the techniques of old masters, embracing the vivid strokes of French Impressionism, traversing the landscapes of Surrealism and Cubism, and immersing myself in the annals of art history. The arrival of the global pandemic was a watershed moment that unexpectedly propelled my creative aspirations forward. The wave of uncertainty disrupted my business, but from the ebb emerged a surge of newfound purpose. An increasing number of individuals sought solace in the comforting embrace of cherished pet portraits and vibrant, jubilant abstracts.
From the humble beginnings of a small town, through the corridors of corporate ventures, and into the immersive world of artistic exploration, my journey embodies a testament to the transformative power of the human spirit. Each stroke of the brush is an echo of a life reimagined, where geometry and emotion harmonize to craft a visual symphony.