My inspiration????
The colors of nature, the seasons, food.
My favorite art periode is
1. The Bauhaus
2.The Style
4.the concept
I always look for depth and colors harmony
( I tkink this can be read in the art of kitchens)
My techniques???
I work on polyester paper
With acryl paint, oil paint, pencil, eraser, charcoal.
And ad the end, I’m going to polish everything!!!
Actually, I always polish each layer of material

I started training in the academy of fine art from 1981-1990.
I started training in top level restaurants from 1985-2000
I started working as an assistant for rerowned artist in the contemporary arts from 2000 to 2015.
Eventually I started doing my own works since 2018 until today
You are born as an artist
You have to work on your talent to evolve it to where you are know
He who does not recognize his fool, will die without a voice