I love working with vibrant pigments that mingle on the canvas in their direct applications, both transparent and opaque, while using a variety of brushes and tools.  

As I work, the collaboration of dynamic strokes play out as if I am playing an instrument. In this way, my heartfelt expressions represent the visual music that I feel. 

I often spend time in nature to contemplate life’s beauty and rhythms, finding that the landscape beckons me to share its grand presence and inspirations through my art. 

The movements presented in these lyrical expressions invite viewers to participate in their own way and offer a unique meaningful experience each time they are viewed.

Jane Appleby is an artist, educator and author. Her love of painting started at a young age inspired by her architect father and esthetician mother. 

Born in Czechoslovakia, Jane recalls the freedom that she experienced among the splendour of the mountains and ocean that she experienced for the first time as a young child when arriving in Vancouver, Canada. She continues to present this inner  freedom and peace within her work. 

Along with taking numerous workshops over the 30 years Jane has been painting, she obtained a Biology Degree from Simon Fraser University and a Fine Arts Techniques  Certificate from Emily Carr University of Art and Design. 

Jane has received an Award of Excellence in abstraction from the Federation of  Canadian Artists, written articles for magazines, and facilitated Plein-Air Paint-Outs. She  is the author of two books: Between Cottages and The Purposeful Brush that speak  about her inspirations from painting. 

Jane is an engaging workshop instructor, teaching contemporary painting at various art centres as well as instructing art on Cruise Lines overseas. She works in oils, acrylics and watercolours. 

Jane’s work is collected internationally, and is available through her representative galleries. She is pleased to be part of the team at Monat Gallery in Madrid Spain.