I roam around big cities with my camera, searching out nooks and crannies and capturing treasures of shapes and colours in photographs. Things that are supposedly
hidden and concealed, that would not become visible in the ordinary, everyday
passing, open up to me through the macroscopic view I take in my investigations.
Treasure hunt. Tracing. Microcosm. Every city tells its own story.
The layers on walls, in cracks, on posts and piles, left by people and changed by
weather conditions, show the respective individual character of a city. Their
respective biographies become visible, so to speak: biography= ancient Greek
βιογραφία biographía, composite of βίος bíos "life" and -graphy, meaning "writing
down of life" - legacies, traces of people inhabiting the city, resulting in layers over
time that inscribe themselves on the surfaces in the streets and are in turn
changed, deformed and destroyed by weather conditions. Each subject I find is
unique - a macro shot, a detail in the vast metropolitan flurry. The morbidity created
by the transience of the motifs is very appealing to me.
My works consist of paintings based on digital macro photographs that I find in
urban spaces. I create photo paintings - a found motif already appears as a finished
painting, as well as mixed-media collages and paintings consisting of photo fragments
or layers coloured with oil and inserted into each other. I often finish the paintings with a transparent, glass-like layer of varnish in order to emphasise the originally hidden city detail even more in its complexity. In addition, this also expresses the aspect of examination, as if the person looking at the detail were looking through a magnifying glass.

For me, art is autobiographical. It tells a lot about me, makes my facets and complexity visible. I love the process, the experiment in the making of my art - making hidden things visible, uncovering layers. Thus, art is contemplation
for me. I look through my camera lens like through a window or a kaleidoscope and an insight into a fantasy world opens up.
Even as a child I loved to invent fantastic stories, to slip into imaginative roles and to track down detailed natural phenomena. I grew up with my siblings and a few animals in a historic, large house with an enchanted, huge garden, where my creativity and imagination were allowed to take up a lot of space. Together with my father, we roamed through nature like little adventurers and discovered the beauty in the world.
This, combined with a great sensitivity that distinguishes me, is the foundation for the artist in me. I studied art and work as an art teacher with children and young
people. The visual arts are my means of expression. In addition, I love and work with rhythm, music, dance and theatre.