About artist:

I am a surrealist/hyperrealist artist currently residing in Sydney, Australia.

I immigrated from South Africa to Melbourne Australia as a small child (1985) where my passion for art developed. I went on to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts at UNSW College of Fine Arts (2004) and then completed a Diploma of Special Effects Make Up at 3 Arts College (2006) leading to a career in TV, film and fashion. Collectively, all these experiences guided me to establish my own art practice, delving into sculpture and exhibiting in solo, group and finalist exhibitions around Australia, Europe, UK and Asia.


Through my art practice I am drawn to explore my subconscious imagination and bring it to the physical realm through form. These pieces are usually inspired by my bizarre and vivid dreams which are brought to life through my sculptures.

My curiosity is about these non-physical entities that come from the subconscious and their connection to reality, as well as the connection between all life forms.

My artworks often combine physical attributes from human and animals to create these realistic hybrid creatures. I work with materials that mimic realism such as silicones and human hair as well as representations re-created in different materials.

My process will usually begin from an initial inspiration to the sketching of ideas and sculpting with oil based clay. Once the sculpture is complete I will make a Mold from silicone rubber and then cast it in translucent silicone.

The piece is then painted by airbrushing layers of silicon paints to build up a realistic skin. Then the process of hair punching and hand painting final details brings them to life. I also re-create some pieces by casting materials such as stones with different finishes for various effects.