Lenka Husáriková's Origami and Tangram exhibition is inspired by historical elements outside of European cultural traditions. Origami comes from Japan, Tangram originated in China. They gradually became popular and today they are a cultural world heritage.

The interest in these two sources of motivation came suddenly, literally like a bolt from the sky, but it was a logical outcome of everything that preceded it. Perhaps thanks to a happy coincidence and the author's intuition, because these facts are also part of the world of art. It was a period of unsatisfied creative groping and a certain cycle. And it was a painting with illusory precision, a quest for optical perfection, in the treatment of the brush and the color composition, technically and technologically thought-out painting processes, which ended up in the repetition of the same principle. Everything took place in the genre of still life, landscape and figure painting. And suddenly came the turning point, to clarify the terminology. He was more of a continuous arrival.

Lenka Husáriková (b. 1975, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic) graduated from the Secondary School of Arts and Crafts of St. Anežky in Český Krumlov, where
she went through drawing and painting studios (teachers Stretti, Výborná, Vavrečka, ...) and scenography with Professor Koutecký.

For more than 9 years I have been working under the guidance of academic painter Miroslav Pesch. She is the granddaughter of the well-known academic painter Jindra Husáriková.