Luana Sallustio is renowned for her contemporary abstract yet modern and loosely
realistic multimedia paintings. Her art is characterized by intuitive aesthetic choices,
expressed through gestural brushstrokes and mixed media techniques, resulting in
paintings that evoke an energized, almost childlike emotional response, captivating and mesmerizing. Luana aims to challenge viewers to see art from a fresh perspective and stimulate new ways of thinking.
Her distinctive style has evolved over years of artistic development, with Luana and her art mutually influencing each other, igniting her creativity in various sizes, colors, and forms. Drawing inspiration from everyday life and looking at things through a unique lens, Luana creates artwork that is entirely her own, marked by her distinctive forms and style.
​Each piece of Luana's work is infused with tremendous effort, passion, and love, as she seeks to inspire others in the same way that she herself is inspired.

Luana Sallustio, a twenty-year-old artist from Zurich, Switzerland with Italian roots, has been developing her artistic style over the years since she first started painting. Her creative journey began at a very young age when she started creating various things as a hobby, which quickly turned into a passion. She started with colored pencils and felt-tip pens, creating her first works of art on paper, and then progressed to using gouache for her first canvas paintings. With a rapid skill development and a willingness to experiment, Luana now regularly creates artworks using diverse painting media such as oil, acrylic, graphite, pastel, wax, and more.
As she pursued her artistic passion, Luana also realized her desire to integrate it into her professional world, leading her to become an interactive media designer. Regardless of what she's doing, one thing is clear - creativity is always a part of Luana's life, whether it's in her studio as an artist or at work in Zurich as a designer.
​Her artworks can now be found in various exhibitions all over the world, showcasing her talent and dedication to her craft.