My work dialogue through visual language and philosophical matters : conceptual, architectural, spatial, integral, sacred order. It is intimately related to the scale, with the complementary pairs of oposite : inside/outside, man/nature, real/irreal, concrete/abstract.
I have been inspired by texts by John Berger, Georges Didi-Huberman, Nicolas Bourriaud, Italo Calvino, Jaques Derrida, Michael Houellebeq.
The media, the procedures are multiple: embroidery, drawing, painting, watercolor, site-specific interventions, performance, action art, digital works, three-dimensional prints.
My work is based on series: maps, portraits, imaginary and real cities. The recent works explore the relationship between the maps and the processes of global colonization.
I find in the exploration of the visual and the effects of light an exploratory possibility. I imagine many answers, more questions.

I studied architecture and visual arts. I am interested in color and forms of nature, art history, visual language, observation, registration, landscape, maps and territory, philosophy. I work with and through nature. I observe and use the advances of technology in the development of bioforms.
I am a drawing, composition, color and morphology teacher for two universities. Drawing is for me esencial for life.

I was born and live actually in Argentina .