I unleashed my emotions through portraits.
I always wanted to be an artist. I spent a long time looking for my own style based on the foundations and knowledge of the Old Masters. Although it seems very easy, painting requires a lot of practice and experience. Art is a human cultural product, the result of a creative process. The work of art usually comes at the end of this process, but it can also be the process or procedure itself.
I want my works to please people and provoke pleasant reactions.

Maria Trattner was born in Poland and has lived in Austria since 2008. The artist has dedicated herself to painting for several years. Maria Trattner is passionately dedicated to the visual arts, focussing primarily on the human face. Facial expression is an essential feature of her painting. The painter is particularly fascinated by the nuances between calm and sadness mixed with pop art. An anonymous photograph from a mass medium is thus given a new individuality and is brought out of the masses into uniqueness by Maria Trattner. The artist works with acrylic, palette knife technique, charcoal, ash and various materials.
She is a member of the Museales Artcenter Mikizzaner, Woman-Art Frauenkunst International (Voitsberg),  Steiermärkischer Kunstverein Werkbund (Graz) and Villahafner Kulturzentrum (Maria  Lankowitz), and has several exhibitions in Austria, Italy, Slovakia and Luxembourg.