In my artistic journey, I engage in the intricate interplay of handwoven, knotted, wrapped, turned, and twisted fibers within a copper frame. It is the result of my silent communion with the materials and takes on rounded and organic forms layered with colours and textures. They represents freedom, inspiration and stillness, influenced by structures and randomness found in nature. My works are representative of the circular nature and multilayered landscape of life. I try to be open to the matters of life, heart and spirit and let it tell me what needs to be taught. In weaving I find balance and presence, a flow state. I strive for the work to tell a story, to reveal itself to the perceptive viewer as his vision deepens. I am a conduit, continually listening and watching what the yarn is telling me and shape it accordingly. My passion for both the small and large universes as well as my desire to calm the mind are what motivate me. The works contain thoughtfully sourced fibres, mostly dead stock, recycled or locally found yarns.

Marieje van Buuren is a Dutch fibre artist, best known for creating abstract, hand woven wall hangings. She has studied at Rietveld Academie, Central St. Martins and The Royal College of Art and worked as a designer for 15 years in London, UK. She practiced several design disciplines ranging from interior, graphic and interaction design to strategy and branding. During this time, Marieje kept her artistic skills active with wool felting and weaving.