An artist since forever. I arrived at painting relatively recently and painting has only added to my palette of creative activities. I continue to design furniture and objects of applied art, interiors. I carry out the projects in my own manufactory, which I have co-founded for years with my husband - also an artist. Furthermore, I do a broad range of photography, graphic and web design. For many years I have also been involved in fashion and making clothes in my own studio. Art is my fate. Total creation - that's what I'm all about. And there's something else I'm about. I would like the world to be more beautiful thanks to artists.

Impulse, the need to depict emotions are my driving force. In each work there is as much intention as expressive gesture. It's difficult for me to define one current of creativity - the closest to me is abstract expressionism. I move from monochromatic minimalism to richness of color. There is often a tiny fragment of a photograph added to the painting. A collage is created - which is not obvious at first glance. This tiny photograph gives the work context, ties it to the source of inspiration.

Meggy Bernhardt is my birth name. I use it as a signature to distinguish what is exclusively my work from what I create as a duo. I rarely show my work outside of my studio and author's gallery. I follow my own artistic path. I do not have a degree from a fine arts academy. I have a portfolio - authorial in every detail of the Galery69 hotel, where every piece of furniture and object is my work, or half my work. Galery69 is a concept, and my painting complements this concept. Probably the moment has come to appear on a wider forum. My artistic achievements can be seen on my personal blog, where in addition to the exhibition of works I also devote a lot of attention to the philosophy of creative work as well as my existence in art in general.