I see the act of painting as a series of choices—what color to use next, how to move the paint , where to stand relative to the canvas—each contributing depth and perspective to the work. Once a piece is finished, no matter how good or bad I think it is, I hang it up. Every painting deserves at least the dignity of being hung on a wall once in its lifetime. 

When viewing my work, I want the audience to feel creative inspiration, and to feel the freedom to grant themselves the same level of grace in their endeavors as to a child learning to color between the lines.

Micah Wallingford is primarily an abstract artist, utilizing acrylic paints and modeling pastes applied (or thrown) to canvases or wood panels with brushes, spatulas, rollers, popsicle sticks, and more. Based in New York City but having grown up in Moscow, Russia, he draws inspiration from textures in the apartments and city spaces he has inhabited over the years, the blend of cultures that has defined him in his life, and the rainbow of colors that exists around him everywhere he goes. Micah started to paint daily during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and has not put down a brush since then.