My work reflects the natural world and our relationship with man-made things, from what we hear, what we see and what we feel in everyday life.

My paintings can appear alive and real, but also develop into something new or different based on context and perception between reality and fantasy.

I am particularly attracted to the play of color that can be changed completely and brushing the first brush stroke on canvas with a new mixed color gives the process a kick start and about where the image will go. It always makes my stomach churn as a snapshot and brought to life by what I experienced exactly the day the idea arose; therefore, my paintings live with me!

I only paint with acrylic paint in the best quality.

Writing and painting have been an intuitive joy for me throughout my life. My paintings are an inspiration from my life in Copenhagen, where I was born and raised. 

You have a website and are on Facebook and Instagram under the artist name


Michael Munck 62 år. 

Lives in inner Copenhagen.