The line is an instrument of strong artistic power. It divides, it connects, it distances, it’s rigid, it’s straight, it’s curved.

I work with the line with the lightness of creation and the rigour of the line. My paintings are the expression of an ensemble of colour and contrast. 

The works of François Morellet gave me the desire to express this creation, to launch myself into the personal expression of the line and abstraction allowed me to imagine the line as a whole. 

Once I understood as a child how to play with my pencil and how to join two points with a line, I played with lines. My school notebook was filled with abstract drawings, shapes, gradations, volumes. Time led me to associate colours, to draw lines and to create the forms of my art.

I love to talk about line because it evokes lightness, rigour, the sharp, the curved. Everything that refers to life, to the awakening to life.

The rigour of the line leads to the lightness of the look. The sharpness gives the limits of space. The curve brings the movement of creation. I work on the background to free myself from the white page, the graffiti can allows me to create a blur of colour. The brushes bring a dynamism and the whole opens me to the line. 

It’s at this moment that I lay down my lines, my curves, my forms. Creativity comes to me to harmonize the painting, the layers superimpose other layers until there is nothing more to say, nothing more to paint. I sign the painting and everything stops, until the next painting.

Nicolas Aguilar is best known for his abstract acrylic paintings where the geometric structure guides us into the depths of our unconscious.

For several years, the artist has been exploring the forms that link us to our memories. The gaze is called upon to follow the movement of the perspective and directs us towards a discovery of the self.

It is a question of being confronted with the buried events of our past lives. The feelings oppose and complement each other in a whirlwind of colors. The illusion of stability given by the architecture of the work creates the metaphysical space to let go. All of his work explores the intensity and relationships we have with life.

Nicolas Aguilar's works lead us to the discovery of our forgotten intimate parts.