Art has always been in my life; Whether in painting, in music, in dance, or in gardening.
It is about care, dedication, and the flow of things.
I find my inspiration within me, through the core of my soul.
When I travel inside of me, I feel uplifted and feel the art flow through me and out of me.
I feel inspired by nature, but find it also within me. It is the many things I saw, the many
things I experienced, the many things I have felt, that allow me to express myself,
because I am the combination of all those things. I am part of nature.
When I work, astride inspiration, I feel my instincts and my intuition. I see what color
loves another and what material wants to be with these colors. I concentrate on the
moment and am aware of what wants to flow through me, what is calling out for
existence. I hear what kind of materials want to be used and what emotions want to be
I work with pigments and with different oils such as poppy seed oil, sun-dried walnut oil,
and linseed oil in different variations.I use casein, egg tempera, acrylic binder, and
bookbinder's glue with or without materials such as marble dust, swamp lime, plaster,
etc. all on various types of canvases. Sometimes I also paint with ready-made oil or
acrylic paints.

Nicole Schlegel is currently a student of the AdBK Kolbermoor, a private academy for
fine arts with a focus on modern painting in Germany.
Previously, she studied jazz in New York: guitar, piano, vocals and improvisation. It was
a very intense and enriching time, both musically and artistically. Paintings were found
on the sheets of lyrics. Eventually, however, the trees in Central Park were no longer
enough for her and Nicole returned to Switzerland.
Nicole’s work in a recording studio coincided with the exciting time when analogue was

being replaced by digital. Her interest in technology was aroused. At a new computer-
based company, she worked in IT, tuning machines, teaching, and taking responsibility

for trading companies and their technical installations and infrastructure, where she
learned programming and a lot about systems engineering. Nicole got into the depths of
bits and bytes.
One evening, everything changed.
One evening, on the way home in a car, the driver caused an accident. He drove into a
Nicole then spent 7 years healing through meditation, self-healing, as well as doctors
and therapists appointments. Once able to socialize again, she traveled, seeking
inspiration. To heal herself as much as offer healing to others, Nicole recorded an album
of relaxing, healing, and meditative music in Glastonbury, England. She held workshops
on the effects of music, frequencies, and colors in England, Finland and Switzerland.
For Nicole, it is essential to share and receive knowledge at every opportunity, to create
with the purpose of helping others feel good, to evoke well-being, joy and to invoke
strength to exist plentifully in this world.
In January 2022, after 20 years of painting experience Nicole decided to go public with
her paintings.