Regula Margrit Bill is a master of many painting techniques and combines them skillfully and adeptly in her paintings. 

In doing so, the artist does not follow any particular design plan. 

She draws a line, applies a color, mixes colorful intermediate tones, brushes away again, paints over, searches for something new, and so on. In this way Regula Margrit Bill is in an inner dialogue with the colors, the technique, the painting ground, her hands, eyes and feelings and what develops from them.

Regula Margrit Bill received her basic artistic studies at the Academy of Arts in Bern/Switzerland. This was followed by further training with numerous international professors. In the process, her skills were trained in a variety of ways, from three-dimensional design as a ceramist to convincing pictorial design in painting.

Regula Margrit Bill lives and works in the region of Bern/Switzerland.

More detailed information can be found on her website.             

Facebook: Regula Margrit Bill

Instagram:  regula.bill