I paint with oils or watercolour mediums for the pure pleasure of it, and for the challenge to do better with each
painting. The pleasure: time spent on my sunny studio or out and about in France with the other painters totally absorbed in the painting of the day, all other thoughts left behind. The challenge: learn something new with each painting, working surface and medium, and am driven to learn more, to be more expressive, to stretch and do better with each new painting.

Rhona grew up in Bermuda, educated at Whitney Institute, Mount Saint Agnes Academy and The Bermuda College before completing her studies in Toronto, Canada. She studied graphic arts at Ryerson Polytechnic Institute and graduated from George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology with a diploma in Graphic Design in 1977. Returning to Bermuda in 1977, she married photographer and platinum printer, J. A. Mark Emmerson in October of the same year. Together they have three children, Hannah, Gordon and Joshua. All three children are also perusing careers in the creative world.

Rhona was the President and Creative Director of AAC Saatchi and Saatchi, the oldest and largest full service agency on the Island for many years, before retiring to the south of France in 2018. Retirement has allowed so much more time to paint, and promises many wonderful country views and exciting adventures ahead. Plus a whole new range of colours and shapes to explore!

Painting is the hobby of choice to unwind! Illustration has always been her first love and she has actively continued to paint for agency projects, private commissions and galleries. An active member of the Bermuda Plien Aire group, she enjoys the challenge of painting on location, working in watercolour, and gouache but currently oil painting has become the medium of choice. Her many paintings are held in private collections in Bermuda, England, France, Canada and throughout the United States.

Rhonas work is also seen on many souvenir and gift items in local retail stores including china, cutting boards and t-shirts, wall murals, silk scarves, calendars and greeting cards.