SLH artiste is a Contemporary painter composed of mixed techniques. The artiste works form fragments, collages, prints, acrylic paint inks and pigments on canvas or on art paper. SLH artiste deconstruct reality to offer her own interpretation of reality and allow you to seek yours by living unexpected experiences. She’s also a writer and director film making.

"I want my paintings to talk to you so you can read them and feel transported in a
different reality .Maybe it could even help you finding some meaning to your life."

SLH artiste live in LILLE, North of France. But Italy is Always in her, intrinsically from Italian breed (mother’s side ) and polish breed ( father side). The mix gave to the artist the taste for adventures and travels, discovering the world through landscapes impressions.
Her passion for Art appeared very early when she was ten year’s old , fascinated by the famous Italian painters. Particularly in Florence district, museum and churches. The colors of this Italy enjoys ares transcribed in her paintings as the Siena land burnt by the sun or the red and green roads of Chianti and its hilly landscapes. She’s attached to find the better light of landscape.
At the age of 15, at the beaux-arts, she choose mixed techniques giving more Freedom executions with acrylics, inks, collages, prints, pigments. Like a contemporary impressionist she creates series of 3 or 4 paintings with different ambiance through specific colors choose wisely, as a single patch of paint may requiere a dozen layers and up to fifty hours of work for one painting.Her work was acknowledged with some exhibitions in France and some sales around the world from Belgium to Italia and USA to NYC. Her ambition is to encourage the sharing of points of views on art, culture and life.