I have been a painter since I know myself. My stories' characters represent themselves through vibrant colours, impressive eye contact and exotic body shapes; the same way I express my passion for art by loading my brush with paint. They seem purely innocent, like peace coming after a throbbing storm.
I use traditional oil on cotton canvases. I love creating portraits because nothing could illustrate the continuous connection between sensitivities and concerns of a person in the past and existing.

Sona Asemani is a self-taught artist, born in 1994 in Hormozgan, Iran.
She is currently working and living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She began painting as a young girl, and her professional career started with acrylic paint and line drawing in 2017. She has a background in embroidery and textile design. In April 2020, she presented her unique embroidery technique
through Fashion open studio during Fashion Revolution week.
After a creative break in sustainable fashion, In 2021, she moved from Tehran to Rotterdam and started working with oil paint. Her art aims to represent her ambitious thoughts and reveal womanhood's authority. The nature of her hometown strongly influences the colours of her palette. The portraits and body figures she creates are inspired by the characters who have made enlightening memories for her.