My works generally deal with themes of vanishing and transience – the Vanitas motive applied to art and the medium itself. Photography always serves as a starting point in my artistic process, but through experimentation, different media are always a possible endpoint. Abstraction tends to play an important role – an uncanny distance between Viewer and Work is a prerequisite.

While my work employs different media, and sometimes very different styles, my approach, methodology and inspirations are generally similar.

In my urban nightscapes, architectural spaces that were designed to make man disappear into a repetitive anonymous blob in a generic city maze. The dark spaces border on a play between aestheticism and nihilism, and assisted by the often fragile printing materials, it might be revealed which one might prevail in the end. 

My more metaphotographic works also deal with concepts of disappearing. Objets trouvés, security camera footage, and other types of photographic experiments are all employed to point to the medium’s limitations of preserving a memory or a moment in time, and to highlight its complete incapability to represent reality.

Lastly, my multimedia works focus on repetition, a stream of consciousness intended to reflect my personal questioning of my art.

Tim van den Oudenhoven (°1983 – Ghent, Belgium) obtained a Master’s degree in English & Swedish literature and linguistics from the University of Ghent. In his search for new ways of expression, he discovered photography and went on to study for an additional Master’s degree in Fine Art Photography at the Ghent Royal Academy for Fine Arts. After moving to Berlin, he took a Postgraduate’s program at the Ostkreuzschüle für Fotografie. 

His works have been exhibited all over Europe and are part of various private and institutional collections. He lives and works in Berlin.