My artwork is a mix where contradictions meets, where everything is allowed. The
opposites in color, the mix in surfaces, where investigating in new combinations of
techniques and colors is fun. The smooth surface with graffiti and the rough, almost sketch lines.

The Jack Rabbit is a sweet looking animal, but with a twist that stir up your thoughts.

It is a mix of the real world and the imaginary one.

I was born i Odense(The town of Hans Christian Anderson) Denmark in 1983. I began painting when I was 10 years old, in afternoon classes, together with my mother and grandfather. We learned all the basis in Oil painting and watercolor.
Later during my studies I followed painting- and ceramics classes in a danish folk
high School to learn new techniques. I tried out small exhibitions with my paintings, but was still searching for my real style. With a lot of testes, work and fun, the style found me.

My style is abstract with a twist of street art, I work with Acrylic, graffiti paint and

The acrylic paint provides an opportunity to mix the color and give effect of several
layers, and with the graffiti sharp lines can be made with the possibility of bright